you can ordere us by three ways.

1. By contact no 01781908176.

2. By messenger.

3. BY

By using one of these three ways you will confirm your order
with inform your name,address,contact no and our products code
which you want to order.
By Massenger you can send us our product picture for order.

How to cancel order

you can cancel your order within 12 hours after confirming your order .
otherwise we are unable to cancel it because we try to send our customer’s order within this prod via our delivery service.

How can I return a Product

There is no option for returning if you dislike our product after receiving.
But if our product has some problem such as its broken
or its not mach with its advertising picture than you can return it via same delivery processes.

In this processes if you got objection about our product than 1stly you have to contact us 01781908176 before the delivery man or SA PORIBOHON.
Than we will contact our delivery man or SA PORIBOHON for returning it.

after returning product you can claim your cash back or claim new same product before the delivery man or SA PORIBOHON.

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